Universal Oxygen Concentrator Intake Filter

Today a company has to choose between either only fielding one brand of oxygen concentrator or stocking a myriad of various oxygen concentrator filters. With mergers of companies and supply chain failures becoming the norm, running and maintaining one model of oxygen concentrator is proving impractical.

Colter Labs has invented the first ever unique ultra quiet and effective filtration for all 5L and 10L oxygen concentrators on the market today that satisfies all major brands of oxygen concentrator filter requirements.

Colter Labs Universal Oxygen Concentrator Intake Filter Benefits

  • Stock one filter for all oxygen concentrators.

  • Sound abatement over stock filter up to 45% due to proprietary sound dampening material.

  • Revolutionary air inlets reduce premature visible staining of the filter material by distributing air evenly across entire filter.

  • Cost savings over common aftermarket and OEM filters.

  • Quick shipping solutions.

  • 1000’s of real world hours of testing.

  • Simple configuration and installation.

Approved Oxygen Concentrator Models

  • Invacare Platinum 5L and 10L

  • Invacare Perfecto 5L and 10L

  • Respironics Millennium 5L and 10L

  • Respironics Everflo 5L

  • Drive Devilbiss 5L and 10L

  • Dynarex 5L

  • Lifestyle Mobility 5L

  • Jumao 5L and 10L
  • Direct Supply 5L

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