Our Mission

Our mission at Colter Labs is to drive the respiratory industry forward by developing innovative products that allow the customers we serve to do more while spending less. Our uncompromising commitment to our values will guaranty Colter Labs future success and prosperity

  • Innovation Leader – Continuous development of new products

  • Operational Excellence – Deliver on commitments

  • Sustainability – Environmental focused manufacturing

Meet Our Team

Alfredo Salazar
Alfredo SalazarPatent Expert / Product Development
Mr. Salazar brings decades of experience regarding international patent writing and filing. he currently holds 10+ patents. He also leads our overseas manufacturing team. Through his solid leadership, Colter Labs will continue to bring innovative products to market. Mr. Salazar also cofounded Breathing Angels with Mr. Rodriguez.
Johnny Rodriguez
Johnny RodriguezLead Inventor
Mr. Rodriguez brings over 35 years of respiratory experience to our team. His vast wealth of innovative ideas will continue to grow Colter Labs’ new product listings into the future! Mr. Rodriguez splits his time with his charity Breathing Angels which provides low cost respiratory equipment to uninsured or underinsured patients in Central Texas.
Brian Twohig
Brian TwohigDistribution and Sales
With over 20 plus years of logistics and sales experience, Mr. Twohig brings a vast knowledge of industry experience to the Colter Labs team. He is involved in multiple synergistic businesses that allow mutual growth and success.

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Albert Einstein

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